Unakite // Gemstone Bracelet

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Our stretch bracelets are incredibly easy wear, layer up, and get you feeling put together with just a slip of the wrist. 

Little Details...

  • 6mm genuine Unakite bracelet.
  • 24k gold square metal accent bead.
  • Hand strung on super soft stretch cord.
  • Bracelet is made from a natural stone, meaning each is completely unique.Beads can and will vary in color, size, shape, translucency, pattern, etc.

Customized to YOU....

  • Being hand strung, we can custom the bracelet size to your liking. If you do not see your preferred size listed, please select custom and leave your desired size in the box provided for color choice (s).
  • Choose a size that allows you to roll the bracelet onto your wrist easily. Too small a size will require you to stretch the bracelet over you hand which will damage the integrity of the cord and shorten the life of your bracelet.

Because of the nature of bead sizes, stretch cord, and each bracelet being hand strung sizes are a target. Although we try our very best, bracelets can vary in size by 1/4" give or take.

As Unique As You Are

All jewelry at Brave Sunday is made by hand, which means each piece presents it owns uniqueness. Exact colors and placement can vary slightly from images provided.

Although we do our best, some pieces may contain very minor imperfections like markings, lint, and air bubbles.