Queenie // Circle Adjustable Ring

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 Colorful and comfortable, the Queenie ring is sure to make a statement. A circle shaped bezel is filled with vibrant color and covered in a thick later of shine. Ring adjusts behind bezel, so you can say goodbye to any pesky mid-finger pinching and give you fingers nothing but love.

  • Ring Band is .25" thick.
  • Circle is slightly smaller then 1/2" in diameter
  • Band is 24k gold or fine silver plated pewter.
  • One size. The Queenie adjusts to fit an 8.25" comfortably.
  • Color filled portion is created through multiple layers of hand mixed resin + a top coat to bring shine. Resin is scratch resistant to help it last through all of your daily adventures.



As Unique As You Are

All jewelry at Brave Sunday is made by hand, which means each piece presents it owns uniqueness. Exact colors and placement can vary slightly from images provided.

Although we do our best, some pieces may contain very minor imperfections like markings, lint, and air bubbles.