Fleur Pressed Flower // Gold Adjustable Square Ring

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Pressed Flower

All the little details...

+ Almost 1" gold rimmed square bezel filled with your choice of colorful stone.

+ Pressed flower is set in the center.

+ Smooth matte thick 24k gold plated pewter adjustable band.

+Band adjusts by gently pulling or pushing to achieve the right fit. Adjustable opening portion sits behind colorful bezel allowing for no back of your finger pinching. Fingers everywhere can rejoice!

+ One size fits most. We have found that most of our rings up to size 10 comfortably. Each ring is handmade and slight variations in sizing can occur.

+Photos of each color provided in a variety of ring shapes/sizes. You will receive the Fleur Square Ring with this listing.


We strive to use the high qualtity resin we can source to create our gems.

The resin we use to create our pieces is...

  • Non toxic.
  • Manufacutered in the US.
  • If cured to full harden, over 72 hours, to ensure off gassing has completed.
  • Will not yellow with proper care.

As Unique As You Are

All jewelry at Brave Sunday is made by hand, which means each piece presents it owns uniqueness. Exact colors and placement can vary slightly from images provided.

Although we do our best, some pieces may contain very minor imperfections like markings, lint, and air bubbles.