Clear Quartz Crystal Acorn

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A sweet little carved crystal acorn to carry with you wherever you go.

Clear Quartz is the stone of clarity, healing, and energy. Quartz, known as the "master healer", will amplify any energy and thoughts that come its way. This makes it great for use with other crystals, as it increases their intentions.

Little Details....

+ Carved acorn less then 1" in height and up to 0.4oz in weight.

+Each acorn will be intuitively chosen.

+Each acorn  is made from a natural stone, meaning each is completely unique. Acorns will vary in color, size, shape, pattern, etc.

+Photos provided are examples of what your acorn could look like.

+Curated for Brave Sunday.

As Unique As You Are

All jewelry at Brave Sunday is made by hand, which means each piece presents it owns uniqueness. Exact colors and placement can vary slightly from images provided.

Although we do our best, some pieces may contain very minor imperfections like markings, lint, and air bubbles.