The Brave Sparkle

Are you asking yourself what makes Brave Sunday pieces so unique? Maybe you are thinking " why the heck should I buy from this crazy pants mama versus picking up something sparkly at my favorite big box store?" 

Listen love, I get it. I love that pretty red cart too.  I grab that baby and get giddy with the anticipation for what trinkets will land in there as I gleefully push it down each aisle. Especially if you add a bag of popcorn and ice cold Dr. Pepper. Eeek! That is just pure bliss to me.

But you know what I can offer that they can't? 

Umm....wha? You heard me, that Brave Sunday sparkle sister!  

What might that be? 


How about we mix up....

  • The best quality supplies I can get my hands on. 
  • Metals that are nickel and lead free. Common allergens that this gal doesn’t have the time for.
  • Ear posts that are surgical stainless steel.
  • Ear wires that are 24k gold plated. 
  • Chains that are hand measured and cut with each order.
  • Wood slices that are cut, sanded, and painted by hand. Not to mention that each slice is unique on it's own.

Now take two hands that are bursting at the seams with excitement to make you something that allows you to stand out from the crowd & feel like a goddess. You deserve to feel unique. You deserve to wear something shiny without getting itchy or angry skin/ears. You deserve a necklace that doesn't turn everything it touches green. You deserve it all friend!

And when you feel taken care of, when you feel like your most beautiful self. The magic happens. You sparkle. That sparkle grows and spreads as you conquer your day.

Ready to stop reading my ramble, get yourself something gorge, and see the Sunday sparkle in action?