Our Materials + Jewelry Care



Our skin is our largest organ and we get it, what you put on it is important. No only likes angry, itchy, or green skin, especially when you are just trying to feel like your best self. That is why we work hard to search out and use only the best materials we can.

❊ Metals 

For most of our pieces we use 24k gold plated or brass. As allergy sufferers ourselves, we strive to be vigilant and only use metals that contain no lead. 

Pieces do contain a minute traces of nickel, used during the plating process in the inner most layers of our metals, and while a vast majority of people do not have reactions to these amounts we do not advise our pieces to anyone with severe nickel allergies. 

❊ Resin 

Some of our pieces are created using non-toxic epoxy resin formulated here in the USA. While we do our best, some of these pieces may contain air bubbles or dust. Most of these imperfections are extremely minimal and not even noticeable, nor affect the piece and it's wear. 



Jewelry Care

Here are our top jewelry care tips:

  • Avoid spraying perfume or putting on lotion while wearing your jewelry. 
  • To keep your gems safe from chemicals that might eat away at the metals or cause build up on your pieces, jewelry should be the last thing you put on to start your day and the first thing you remove before getting ready for bedtime.
  • Keep your plated jewelry away from the water including removing your jewelry when showering, swimming, washing dishes, and during periods of excessive sweating.
  • Build up and tarnish is only natural with plated jewelry. To clean your pieces we recommend washing you gems with a mild soap and wam water and dry throughly with a soft towel.
  • To clean brass pieces we recommend using a small bit of ketchup, leaving it on the piece for only a few minutes at most, followed by a through rinse and dry. 
  • Most jewelry cleaning clothes we are found are not formulated for plated jewelry and we urge you to steer clear of them. Minimal use is acceptable with brass if tarnished.
  • Please keep all resin pieces out of the direct sun or exposure to intense heat. (especially during storage). 
  • Store your pieces in a clean + dry space separate from other pieces. Anti tarnish squares are also a favorite of ours as an extra level of protection while being stored.

If you have any questions about the materials used or the care needed for pieces, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to help!