Hi, I'm Jill! ♡

I'm just your average PNW gal. 
I am a self proclaimed wicked dancer.
I love Harry Potter and all things magical.
I actually ENJOY the rain versus the sun.  
And I am a firm believer that there isn't anything that a little dry shampoo & an ice cold Dr. Pepper can't fix.
And while I am usually all smiles, 
I  have been silently battling anxiety and depression since I was 13 years old.
Creating has always been my safe space.
The place where I feel a little less shame, 
a little less broken and free of judgement, 
and where I can transform pain into something beautiful. 
I hope that when you wear a Brave Sunday piece you feel just a bit more confident to chase after your own adventure. Even if that adventure is just wrangling your children at the end of a long day. I believe in you babe!
♥︎ Thank YOU! ♥︎