I'm Jill, the mama maker behind Brave Sunday Jewelry.  I am a self proclaimed wicked dancer, a crazy bunny lady, and a true believer that there isn't anything a little dry shampoo & a cold Dr. Pepper can't fix. I call the Pacific NW my home and draw much of my inspiration from the beauty this land holds.  
Each piece here at Brave Sunday is made with you in mind-light, feminine, and effortless.  Pieces are hammered, painted, sanded, mixed, filled by my own two hands and each holds a small piece of my heart. I hope that when you wear a Brave Sunday piece you feel just a bit more confident to chase after your own adventure. Even if that adventure is just wrangling your children at the end of a long day. I believe in you babe!
When you purchase from Brave Sunday you are not only only supporting my dream, but you are supporting my crazy pack of redheads and for that I am forever grateful for you. You are truly an amazing!
*Photo by the magical Alison Meliah Photography.